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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – XY: BREAKpoint Pin Blister Packs

XY: BREAKpoint Pin Blister Packs
$14.99 at most major retailers



Every set we get two (or more) pin blister packs that feature Pokémon Official Pins of two of the sets star Pokémon. The pins come packed with three booster packs of that associated set. For XY: BREAKpoint, we get pins of Shiny Mega Gyarados and Mega Scizor. Of course, the sets come with three XY: BREAKpoint booster packs. Each pack retails for $14.99, meaning the pins are tacking on roughly $3 to the retail price of Booster Packs. As always, the pins are of superb quality are really great to own. If you’re a fan of either of these two Pokémon, it’s worth taking a look at these sets. Plus you could pull something great in one of the three packs! It’s a win-win.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h80zhrR9smI]

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