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Review and Demo: DX Grimm & Sanzo & Himiko Ghost Eyecon Set (Kamen Rider Ghost)

DX Grimm & Sanzo & Himiko Ghost Eyecon Set
February, 2016 – ¥2,200

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Our mission to collect all fifteen Heroic Ghost Eyecons ends with the DX Grimm & Sanzo & Himiko Ghost Eyecon Set. The set in total comes with three Ganbarizing cards, the Grimm Ghost Eyecon, the Sanzo Ghost Eyecon, and the Himiko Ghost Eyecon. Grimm and Sanzo, belonging to Necrom, are both cast in clear glittery plastic, with Sanzo being white and Grimm being green. Himiko is cast in opaque pink plastic like the other Ghost Eyecons. Each Ghost Eyecon can be inserted into the Ghost Driver for new Ghost-centric transformation sounds. Grimm and Sanzo can also be used in the Mega Ulorder to activate Necrom’s transformation sounds for those two forms. The set was released in February, 2015 for around ¥2,200.

Like any other Ghost Eyecon, they do exactly what you would expect. Himiko matches the other Ghost Eyecons perfectly. Grimm and Sanzo are designed a bit differently, being cast in clear plastic instead of opaque. While I presume it’s to show that they’ve been taken over by Necrom, it’s still a little weird to have 13 Eyecons in opaque plastic and two in clear. The helmet designs in the Eyecon also mimmic Necrom’s face in that they are the same, but with a different outline instead. While that’s a little less of a deal, it still makes these two out of place compared to the others. Similar to Specter’s being blue, the default panel on Grimm and Sanzo are both green in color.

If you like any of these ones, I’d definitely recommend grabbing the set. I’m glad Bandai just decided to do it all in one go instead of packing them with other random toys, or spreading out the releases. It’s nice to have all 15 together at last, and it’ll be interesting to see where the line goes from here.


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