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Unboxing: Mega Man Legacy Collection Special Edition (Nintendo 3DS)

Mega Man Legacy Collection Special Edition (Nintendo 3DS)
$49.99 at most major retailers

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Mega Man is a franchise pretty dear to me. Ever since the days of playing Mega Man 7 and Mega Man X on my SNES, I’ve loved the blue bomber in any and all forms. Eventually I got the chance to play the rest of the older original series games, and it quickly became my favorite of the eras. The old Anniversary Collection occupied much of my time years ago, so when I found out the Legacy Collection only contained 1-6, I was a bit bummed, but ultimately decided it would make a nice download title to have those classic games with me. Then Nintendo announced the special edition containing exclusive post cards and more importantly, a gold Mega Man Amiibo. Gotta get all those Amiibo! As mentioned, the set includes the physical 3DS copy of the game, four stickers, codes for two Nintendo 3DS themes as well a 18 song soundtrack, six collectible post cards, and the gold Mega Man Amiibo. I feel like the price is a bit high considering what you’re getting compared to something like the Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition. $44.99 would have been a bit better of a sweet spot for the set. You can also get the physical copy of the game by itself for $29.99, or digitally for $14.99.

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