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Pokémon TCG – Mythical Pokémon Collection: Celebi Unboxing

Mythical Pokémon Collection: Celebi
$12.99 at most major retailers



[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiWa88-aqT]

Next up for the Mythical Pokémon Collection is Johto’s mythical Pokémon, Celebi, the time traveling Pokémon. As with the Mew set, and all sets in the future, it contains a pin featuring Celebi, a Celebi promo card (XY111), and two packs of the new Generations expansion. Generations is only available within the Mythical Pokémon Collection boxes, as well as the upcoming Red & Blue Collection boxes, making them incredibly sought after for sellers, players, and collectors alike. While they’re hard to find at the moment, suspect these should be pretty easy to find once more stores stock them in full. If you’re a fan of Celebi, or just like collecting these pins, or even just want some Geneartions packs, these are neat little pick ups.

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1 thought on “Pokémon TCG – Mythical Pokémon Collection: Celebi Unboxing”

  1. I picked up this set to get an early bird peek at the Generations line and in just these two packs I was lucky enough to get the Full Art Sylveon EX and the Mega Gardevoir EX cards.

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