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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – XY: BREAKpoint Booster Packs & Theme Decks

XY: BREAKpoint Booster Packs & Theme Decks
Booster Packs: $4.19 at most major retailers
Theme Decks: $12.99 at most major retailers

P1160159_Mar 2, 2016, 5.02.02 PM


The kind folks at The Pokémon Company International have sent 26 XY: BREAKpoint booster packs my way, as well as both theme decks for the set: Wave Slasher and Electric Eye featuring Greninja and Luxray respectively. XY: BREAKpoint is a pretty great set, bringing the return of fan-favorite Garbodor to the Standard format, as well as introducing new strategies such as Raticate BREAK, Darkrai-EX, Garchomp, and so much more. On top of some great Pokémon, the set introduces us to amazing Trainer Cards such as Puzzle of Time, Max Elixer, Bursting Balloon, Delinquent, and Fighting Fury Belt. All in all, it really is a fantastic set that brings so much to the table. The two theme decks are pretty subpar (as usual) though they do contain some key cards like Fighting Fury Belt and Max Elixer, as well as the Greninja being a star in the new Greninja BREAK build. We may have only had 26 packs to open this time around, but I couldn’t be happier with what we got. Absolutely amazing pulls. As always, thank you Pokémon.

If you want to get your own Wave Slasher and Electric Eye theme decks, I’m giving away two sets of them on my video! Just pop over to YouTube and let me know if you like Greninja or Luxray more, as well as let me know what your favorite card I pulled from the unboxing was. Thanks to all that enter! Winners will be announced after Wednesday, march 09th, 2016.

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