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Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Cube Kirin (Cube Giraffe) Review

Cube Kirin (Cube Giraffe)
February, 2016 – ¥1,000

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Instead of going the route of a bunch of Cubes mixing and matching with each other, Zyuohger has shifted to the Zyuoh Cube Busou series, a series of smaller Zyuoh Cubes that can transform from cube to animal to weapon. The weapon mode can be wielded by Zyuoh King (and presumably Zyuoh Wild) for added strength or firepower. The first is Cube Kirin, otherwise known as Cube Giraffe. Cube Kirin is a small orange cube that can transform from cube to Giraffe to a bazooka weapon. It was released in February, 2016 for ¥1,000.

I have to say that I really enjoy the direction the line is going, with main “Ranger centric” animals being main body pieces, while the additional animals are smaller and act as weapons. At only ¥1,000, they’re incredibly affordable, even if they’re incredibly tiny. The concept opens up for a lot of fun and interesting possibilities.

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