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Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Zyuoh Cube 04 DX Cube Elephant & 05 DX Cube Tiger Review

Zyuoh Cube 04 Cube Elephant & 05 Cube Tiger
March, 2016 – ¥2,500 each

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The main Zyuoh Cubes for Zyuoh Elephant and Zyuoh Tiger have finally arrived! To add to our collection we finally have Zyuoh Cube 04 DX Cube Elephant and Zyuoh Cube 05 DX Cube Tiger to help expand on Zyuoh King, in more ways than one. Both toys are capable of transforming from Zyuoh Cube to Cube Animal as well as attach to Zyuoh King to replace Lion and Shark respectively to create new combinations. Cube Elephant can replace Cube Lion to form a new set of legs, while Cube Tiger can replace Cube Shark to become a new set of hips. Both can also be used with future releases to create bigger and better combinations of Zyuoh King. Both were released in early March, 2016 for around ¥2,500 each.

I will safely say I’m not a huge fan of the “replace a part” approach to additional mecha in Sentai toy lines. That being said, with the knowledge that Cube Gorilla is right around the corner to make a unified robot with these two, as well as the fact that Wild Zyuoh King isn’t going to leave any Cube behind, it’s something I can embrace here. The mix and match possibility with the soon to be six cubes is pretty fun! I didn’t even touch upon the fact that Tiger and Elephant can technically swap places around, but the end product looks a little bit goofy. Right now, it’s just fun to sit and mix and match the other four Cubes to make different combinations, and I can’t wait to add Gorilla to the mix at the end of the month. Super fun line, and Cube Elephant is my buddy.

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