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Opening 40 XY: Phantom Forces and Roaring Skies Dollar Tree Booster Packs | Pokémon TCG

XY: Phantom Forces and Roaring Skies Dollar Tree Booster Packs
$1 for each 3-Card Booster Pack


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oa1hgTYL-lM]

To capture the dollars of both collectors and kids alike, The Pokémon Company distributes small three card packs to Dollar Tree stores across the United States. Each three card pack retails for $1, and contains an assortment of rarities in each pack. A good pack will net you a common, an uncommon, and a reverse holo, while some packs while contains a rare, holo, or even an EX or Full Art card in place of that middle card. These began with at least Phantom Forces, and are continuing on to at least BREAKpoint as of this post. The motive behind these packs is hit and miss. While I absolutely bombed these (other than the various Trainer cards), I’ve seen other YouTubers pull a nice number of EX and Full Art cards out of the newer BREAKthrough and BREAKpoint packs. I’m not sure if the pull ratio got better over time, or if I’m just unlucky, but it is what it is. Reverse holo collectors might want to check these out, as the ratio of getting reverse holos seems pretty great. While not everyone’s dream, they server their purpose and are a decent little pick up during a dollar store run to itch your pack opening desires.

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