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Legacy Falconzord Review | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie

Legacy Falconzord
Toys R Us Exclusive – $59.99

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Next in the Legacy line is the start of Season 3 (or the Movie), in the form of Tommy’s Falconzord. As seen in the series and film, the Falconzord will be compatible with the upcoming Legacy Ninja Megazord and the assume to be made Legacy Shogun Megazord. Despite not being usable with current Legacy items, the Falconzord is definitely a beautiful piece, retailing at $59.99 exclusively at Toys R Us.

As mentioned, the Legacy Falconzord is a pretty static toy, but has some added articulation compared to the original Falconzord. The wings (albeit a bit shorter), can pop out a bit to reveal an additional joint, allowing for an upward or downward bend at the wing tips. The Falconzord also has joints in the diecast talons, allowing for the front and back talons to look like they’re gripping something. Other than that, the Falconzord has the usual rotations at the feet, wings, and head.

While you can’t really do a whole lot with the articulation of a mechanical bird, the paint applications are nothing short of beautiful. Gone are the stickers of before, replaced entirely with colored plastic and nice metallic paint to really give the toy a shine. There are details now present from the show model that even the original Japanese toy’s stickers didn’t have, and it definitely looks wonderful on display.

At $59.99, the Falconzord is hard to immediately recommend. On its own, it’s relatively boring, albeit a really nice display piece. If you can use Reward Bucks or a coupon to lower his price a little more, he’s well worth the purchase. I paid around $44 for mine and I don’t regret it at all. Once the Ninja Megazord (and hopefully Shogun Megazord) release, this beautiful Falconzord will certainly prove its worth.

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