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DX Deep Specter Ghost Eyecon Review and Demo | Kamen Rider Ghost

DX Deep Specter Ghost Eyecon
April, 2016 – ¥2,200

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Kamen Rider Specter has finally earned his well deserved upgrade in the form of the Deep Specter Ghost Eyecon which allows him to transform into Kamen Rider Deep Specter. This form is essentially Specter’s version of Toucon Boost Damashii, getting a spiffy new color scheme in design, complete with a new Ghost Eyecon that has independent lights and sounds. The Deep Specter Ghost Eyecon was released in April, 2016 for around ¥2,200.

I have to say, as bored as I am with Ghost Eyecons, I love the lights in this thing. They’re super bright inside a white casing and don’t get lost in dark paneling like the LEDs in the Toucon Boost Ghost Eyecon. The sounds on the other hand I just don’t enjoy. I wasn’t expecting a nice voice to greet me when I press the button, but anything would be better than screechy monster noises. Thankfully the two jingles for Deep Specter and Gekikou Specter sound really neat, and the alternating lights between the Ghost Driver and the Deep Specter Ghost Eyecon are really neat to look at.

The Deep Specter Ghost Eyecon is compatible with the DX Deep Slasher, which I won’t be taking a look at, but it offers users the chance to turn the Omega Giri and Omega Dama attacks into Giga Omega versions, similar to the Toucon Boost Ghost Eyecon and the DX Sunglasseslasher.

This is a pretty neat Ghost Eyecon that I’m sure fans of Ghost and the toy line will really enjoy. While I’m not the biggest of fans, I do like this one in both jingle quality and design, so it gets points for that at the very least. Regardless, I just can’t help but feel this line could have been handled differently.


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