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Cube Kuma (Cube Bear) Review | Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

Cube Kuma (Cube Bear)
May, 2016 – ¥1,000

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The next entry in the Cube Busou Series is Cube Kuma, the small brown bear themed Zyuoh Cube that transforms into the Kuma Axe, a new weapon able to be held by Zyuoh King, Zyuoh Wild, or Wild Zyuoh King. Like the other Zyuoh Cubes, he’s super small, and transforms with one simple fold into Cube Animal mode, and one other simple fold (along with the flip out of a handle) into weapon mode. He’s probably my favorite of the bunch, as I like the concept of a bear turning into an axe, and his transformation is even simpler than the others, and so easy to do on the fly. Plus he’s cute. For those curious, Cube Kuma can store on either side of Wild Zyuoh King’s legs like Mogura and Kirin can, or it can plug into either shoulder peg on Cube Gorilla or Cube Eagle when combined into Wild Zyuoh King.

I want to quickly address the bending problem in text here. As you can see in the review, when Cube Kuma is held by Wild Zyuoh King’s gorilla arm, the handle isn’t held completely, and the Kuma Axe starts to lean forward. If this is held in place for a long period of time (mine was only two days), the handle will start to have a natural bend. it doesn’t really damage the toy, and can probably be remedied by having the smaller eagle arm hold it instead, but it is something to note.


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