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XY – Fates Collide Elite Trainer Box | Pokémon TCG

XY – Fates Collide Elite Trainer Box
$39.99 at Most Major Retailers


The Elite Trainer Box is a continuing series of product that TPCi puts out every set. Each box contains not only a durable box to store cards in, but it contains a number of Fates Collide themed goodies: eight Booster Packs, a pack of 45 Energy Cards, four cardboard card dividers for sorting, six “damage counter” dice, a “coin flip” die, acrylic burn and poison markers, and a TCGO card that unlocks a new sleeve and deck box design on Pokémon TCG Online.

Naturally, with Fates Collide, everything in the box either features the Fates Collide set symbol, or Mega Alakazam plastered all over it. For fans of the Pokémon, this is certainly something you won’t want to miss, especially between the sleeves and container. I really enjoy this product line, as it’s a wonderful step for new players to the game. Not only do you get virtually EVERYTHING you need to play competitively, you also get eight Booster Packs as well. It’s really a win-win, even if the price is a lot to take in at one time. Regardless, it’s a great product for new and veteran players alike.

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