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Machamp Figure Review | Pokemon

Machamp Figure
$12.99 from Walmart

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Joining the ranks of Mega Blaziken and Mega Lucario is Machamp, the next articulated Pokémon figure brought to you by Tomy. Releasing alongside a repackage of the XY Ash and Pikachu figure, Machamp is an all new mold that certainly raises the bar for articulated Pokémon figures. Machamp features over 19 points of articulation including his neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist articulation in all four arms, as well as hip, knee, and ankle articulation in both legs. Paint and sculpt are both pretty good for this price range of figure. At only $11.99-$12.99, this figure is an absolute steal for any Machamp fans out there. Simply a great figure.

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