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Zyuoh The Light Review | Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

San Jyuu Kakusei Zyuoh The Light
June, 2016 – ¥3,800

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To transform, summon his Zyuoh Cubes, or form Tousai Zyuoh, Zyuoh The World uses Zyuoh The Light! Zyuoh The Light is a flashlight shaped Changer, the first of its kind, with a unique Zyuohger blend of animals and cubes. With four visible sides (group, rhino, crocodile, and wolf) planted in the center of the device, controls everything via a button on the back of the device. The heads of Cube Rhinos, Cube Crocodile, and Cube Wolf adorn the front of the toy, complete with an LED lens that glows with the emblem shown on the top of the cube. Zyuoh The Light was released in June, 2016 for ¥3,800.

One tap of the button announces “The World!”, the transformation phrase. Rotate the cube to the group emblem for a generic  “Oh-oh-ohhhh!” transformation sound. Rotate to a specific form to hear “Oh-oh-Rhinossss!” “Oh-oh-Crocodileeee!” or “Oh-oh-Wolfffff!” depending on the emblem selected. Each specific transformation will activate that animal sound as well.

Two taps of the button announces “Jumbo!” the Zyuoh Cube summoning sound for the toy. Rotate the cube to the group emblem for the toy to announce all three Cube Animals: Cube Rhinos, Cube Crocodile, and Cube Wolf. Rotate to the three individual emblems to summon that specific Cube Animal, complete with a unique sound to signify that animal.

Three taps of the button will activate the Tousai Zyuoh combination, announcing “Rhinos! Crocodile! Wolf!” Rotate to the group emblem to hear the countdown and combination sound. Hitting the button three more times will start the combination for Wild Tousai King, the combination of all 9 Cube Animals and 4 Cube Busou Animals. After the long roll call, rotating to the group emblem will initiate the count and combination sound.

Holding down the button will activate the “Zyuoh Cube Search Mode”. In this mode, a jungle beat will play. Every few seconds, an animal noise will sound. Pressing the button will cause the toy to announce the name of that animal. After five finds, the Zyuohger narrator will deliver a message. I really wish this mode had a game, like having to match the name of an animal to the right sound or something, but it’s a nice little bonus for kids at least.

Overall, this toy is pretty great. I don’t feel it’ll be as popular as the Zyuoh Changer, as it isn’t as robust or portable, but that doesn’t stop it from being a quality toy. It’s hefty in size and weight, and covers all the functions it needs to. You can transform, change form, summon Cubes, make combinations, and even go on a hunt. After a string of pretty abysmal 6th Ranger Changers, it’s nice to have one that can hold its own against the main Changer. I really like how unique the flashlight design is for sure. If you’re a fan, pick this one up.

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