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Opening a Zygarde Collection box! Insane Pulls! | Pokémon TCG

Zygarde Collection
$19.99 at Most Major Retailers


The Zygarde Collection is next in the line of “Collection Boxes” put out by The Pokémon Company every set. The Zygarde Collection features a new art reprint of the 50% Zygarde from Fates Collide (XY152), a beautifully crafted Zygarde Complete Forme figure from Kaiyodo, one XY: BREAKthrough booster pack, one XY: BREAKpoint booster pack, and two XY: Fates Collide booster packs, all for $19.99. These are worth the price alone for the figure and promo in my humble opinion, but the pulls I got in this box are simply amazing. I hope you all have just as good of luck as I did.

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