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Titano Charge Morpher Review & Sound Demo | Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Titano Charge Morpher
$29.97 from Walmart

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The Silver Ranger uses the Titano Charge Morpher with the Titano Charger (Brachiosaurus) to transform into the Silver Ranger. The Titano Charge Morpher is a blue repaint of the original Dino Charge Morpher. In essence it’s the same toy, but it has newly recorded voice overs for the Ranger voice. Instead of generic, slightly Tyler-esque voice, we get a much older voice, presumably the voice actor (or a close match) for the Silver Ranger character. Included with the toy is the normal Titano Charger as well as the fossil Pachy Charger. I picked this up at my local Walmart for $29.97.

The core of the toy is the same as the original. Pull back the tail to raise the barrel of the gun to insert a Dino Charger into the slot. Press the barrel back down to hear the Morpher voice activate the charger, while the Ranger voice shouts “Energize!”. Spin the chamber and press the trigger to hear the Ranger voice shout “Unleash the Power!” followed by the morph sound. The Ranger voice will then call out the dinosaur name, and if that dinosaur belongs to a Ranger he will say “Power Ranger” followed by the name or color. Pressing the trigger again activates an attack sound.

The Titano Charge Morpher is interesting in that I wasn’t expecting it to have a new Ranger voice, and I adore that about the toy. Providing it is Silver’s voice actor, that’s an incredible touch on Bandai’s part, and makes the toy seem a little fresh compared to the straight up repaints plaguing this line right now. If you end up liking the Silver Ranger, or just like the color scheme more than the original, go ahead and give this a go. While not as robust as the Japanese Giga Gaburevolver release, it’s a solid entry into the Dino Super Charge toy line.


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