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Limited Edition T-Rex Super Charge Morpher Review | Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Limited Edition T-Red Super Charge Morpher
$29.97 from Walmart

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The Dino Super Charge line thus far is chocked full of repaints. From Morphers to Weapons to Zords, seemingly everything from the line is getting repainted in some fashion. For the T-Rex Super Charge Morpher, Bandai has styled up the little dinosaur in white. Fans of Kyoryuger will recognize the color scheme taking cues from the white Minityra from the 100 Years After film. I picked up the toy from my local Walmart for $29.97.

Other than the toy now being white plastic with black and gold accents, the toy itself is identical in function and sound to the original release. Pulling the trigger in dinosaur mode will activate a number of roaring sound effects, while inserting a Dino Charger will activate a new one. Flipping the head around to transform into gun mode will cause the trigger to play three different blasting noises. Inserting a Dino Charger will cause the toy to announce that Dino Charger, and play a custom attack sound for each Charger. Pressing the trigger again will have Tyler say “It’s Morphin Time!” or “Monster Extinct!”. The gun can be combined with any of the Dino Charge Morpher toys to form a new weapon with a new attack sound.

Overall, if you haven’t picked up the T-Rex Super Charge Morpher, you now have an option on which color you want. Regardless, I feel with this toy taking design elements from the White Minityra will cause several fans to hunt this one down. The colors aren’t exact (needs a ton more silver), it’s a nice base for customizers to work with. While not really worth the $29.99 for most people, I feel this is one of the few repaints in the line absolutely worth tracking down at some point.

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