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Cube Crocodile Review | Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

Cube Crocodile
June, 2016 – ¥2,500

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The first of Zyuoh The World’s Zyuoh Cubes is number 7, Cube Crocodile. Cube Crocodile is a golden colored cube that transforms from Zyuoh Cube to Cube Animal in a few simple steps. Cube Crocodile has compatiblity with both Zyuoh King and Zyuoh Wild as a new middle component for either combination. Together with Cube Rhinos and Cube Wolf, they form Tousai Zyuoh! Cube Crocodile was released in June, 2016 for around ¥2,500.

I really like Cube Crocodile. It’s one of the few Cube Animals that transforms and doesn’t look absurdly weird. Proportions are a little weird for a croc, but it looks pretty solid. The transformation is interesting, although if generates some gaudy joints on the front of the Cube when combined with Zyuoh King or Zyuoh Wild. Despite that though, I love that these are still designed with the old robots in mind, adding that functionality is vital in a line like this. I love it.

Cube Crocodile is great. Not only is he vital for Tousai Zyuoh and other future combinations, he adds a level of fun to older toys. Plus he looks pretty great. Look at that guy. Adorable.

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