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DX Mugen Ghost Eyecon | Kamen Rider Ghost

DX Mugen Ghost Eyecon
June, 2016 – ¥3,200

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Using the power of the Mugen Ghost Eyecon, Takeru can transform into Kamen Rider Ghost’s final form, Mugen Damashii, this prism warrior has infinite potential, and can harness emotions to create devastating attacks. While the toy can’t do all that for you, the latest Ghost Eyecon has its own independent lights and sounds that work in tandem with the Ghost Driver to emulate the transformation effect from the show. With some neat sounds and a seven color LED, this Eyecon is already loads better than its cheaper breatheren. Mugen Ghost Eyecon was released in June, 2016 for around ¥3,200.

The look put me off of this thing at first, but I have to say in person, it’s not nearly as large and clunky as I anticipated. The large infinity symbol takes some getting used to, but the seven color LED inside it makes up for how strange it looks. It also doesn’t add nearly as much bulk to the already bulk Ghost Driver than I thought it was going to. All four panels in the Ghost Eyecon are pretty neat and full of color to reflect Mugen’s prism like design. When outside of the driver, press the side button once to hear the activation noise from the show, while pressing it again will cycle through six different sounds and phrases from Takeru. Inserting it into the Ghost Driver creates quite the light show, with both toys syncing their colors and timing flawlessly.

Naturally, one pull of the Ghost Driver initiates the transformation into Mugen Damashii. Next is an “Inochi Daikaigan” attack, which will cycle through one of seven different emotional based final attacks. Another pull will initiate the “Gotto Omega Drive” attack. One final pull will initiate the “Gotto Omedama”. Another pull will cycle back to the emotion based attack, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately this means to get to the next attack, you have to cycle through the Omega Drive and Omedama again. Thankfully pulling the lever in succession will allow you to skip it decently enough. Other than the base sounds like “Kaigan” and “Daikaigan”, all of the sounds come from the Ghost Eyecon itself.

I like the Mugen Ghost Eyecon a lot more than I thought I was going to. Ghost’s toy line in general is still a downer for me, but with this one having a ton of pretty lights, some actor phrases, neat jingles, and its own dedicated sounds, it’s definitely top of my list. Here’s hoping Ex-Aid can bring us some quality noisemakers.


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