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Opening a FULL Dollar Tree Pokemon TCG Steam Siege Booster Box! 120 Packs! (feat. KittenFaerie)

XY – Steam Siege Dollar Tree Booster Box (120 packs)


Well, it finally happened. I’ve snapped so much that I decided to spend $120 of my hard earned cash down on a full Dollar Tree XY – Steam Siege display box. That’s right, 120 $1 packs to create what I can only call the most expensive experiment I’ve ever done. Is it worth it over a normal booster box? How many rare cards can you get? Well, here’s the run down:

173 Commons
82 Uncommons
38 Trainers
21 Rares
4 Holos
6 EXs
3 FAs
30 Reverse Holos

Keep in mind first that the total here is $120 worth of cards, about $20-$30 more than your average Booster Box. What I pulled in my box is roughly the same pull rates as your average Booster Box give or take, with the Dollar Tree box skewing with a bit more towards the Ultra Rares than the normal Holos (something I won’t complain about). So if you think the risk is worth it, then by all means give it a shot. With the duplicate EXs and even Full Arts was a bit unfortunate, I doubt it’s like that with every single box (though I’m jealous of the poor fellow that got stuck with multiple Volcanions and Yanmegas. I want that box!).

This was a super fun experiment to do, albeit an expensive one. Very few YouTubers open up a full box of these, so it was awesome to be able to snag a complete box before anyone got to it. Gonna try my best to do this for every set, so we can figure out once and for all on how worth it these are. With one test under our belts, I can say that it’s worth it if you get the right stuff, but if you get some weird pulls like I did, it might be a shot in the dark. Best wishes for all that go on the elusive Dollar Tree hunt!

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