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Pokemon 20 | Victini Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball and Plush Review

Victini Clip ‘n” Carry Poke Ball
Toys R Us Exclusive – $14.99

Victini Plush
Toys R Us Exclusive – $17.99

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September’s Mythical Pokemon of the Month is Victini. Victini is the Victory Pokemon that is said to create infinite power to bring strength and victory to any Pokemon it supports. As always, Victini gets its own Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball figure as well as a plush, both exclusive to Toys R Us stores in the United States.

The Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball release of Victini includes a small Victini Monster Collection figure as well as a Master Ball to carry it in. The Victini figure is pretty nicely done, sporting Victini’s adorable smile and big blue eyes. The pearlescent finish looks great, making the reddish orange and beige colors pop. Included is a small stand to support Victini, though it seems to stand fine without it.

The plush is absolutely adorable. Like the figure, it sports Victini’s happy-go-lucky smile, big blue eyes and big ole ears. Like all plush, the crushed velvet makes the colors pop and the light reflect beautifully off the plush on display. Unfortunately he’s not really all that huggable or soft, a major complaint with all of the other plush so far. Still really cute.

Huge fans of Victini like myself will want to hunt these down. While there are definitely nicer plush on the market, the crushed velvet makes these incredibly unique and the pearlescent figures look beautiful on display. I love Victini, and I love these toys. Unova made a nice first impression.

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