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Review: Figma – Kamen Rider Wing Knight

Yeah, yeah, not gonna buy them. Whatever. I’ve honestly always preferred Wing Knight to Dragon Knight, despite my love for the whole dragon motif. I mean, not only is his visor a sword, he has a badass cape, and can summon a giant lance. That, and Matt Mullins could probably kick your ass. Anyway, now that we’ve had a look at Dragon Knight, let’s see how Wing Knight compares.

The packaging is pretty much the same, but done in dark blue to match Wing Knight’s color scheme. Obviously his mug adorns the package. Once again, it just looks absolutely awesome in package.

The figure once again shines in ways previously unthought. Or something dramatic like that. The base molding is the same as Dragon Knight, with the armor pieces and the suit’s stomach design differing. I can’t really say it looks “better” than Dragon Knight, but it captures Wing Knight perfectly, and is easily the best representation you can buy in this scale. Articulation is the same as the Dragon Knight, nothing in his design hindering it at all. Once again, there’s no major flaws in his sculpt, paint, or design. I could ramble on, but I’ll just leave it at the figure is really damn awesome.

Wing Knight doesn’t come with as much as Dragon Knight, but he comes with everything he would possibly need. As with Dragon Knight (and every other Figma), he comes with a Figma ziplock bag, and a Figma stand. I still find this awesome. He comes with the same hand assortment as Dragon Knight: two weapon holding, one DragVisor holding, one card holding, two relaxed hands, and two splayed open hands. Also like Dragon Knight, he comes with a tiny Final Vent card. I didn’t lose this one. He comes with three other accessories. The first one is his DarkVisor, the fencing saber like weapon of Dragon Knight. It fits in a fairly large holster on his left hip. To overcompensate for something, he comes with his Sword Vent, a large lance like weapon he can hold. It’s highly detailed and badass. Just like him. Lastly, and definitely not least, he comes with his Guard Vent/Final Vent. This is his Contract Beast, Black Wing, in the form of a backpack like attachment with a cape attached to it. He pegs in to the stand hole on his back, having another one on it’s own back to plug in the stand. The cape itself is double sided. The outside is made of a fake leather material, while the inside is a nice cloth. The bottom is lined with a wire that you can bend to pose the cape in a number of really epic poses. If there is anything that makes this figure, it’s the cape.

Overall, Wing Knight is definitely a lot better than Dragon Knight in my opinion. Sure, he doesn’t come with as much stuff, but the cape accessory really adds to the playability of the figure. Having such freedom over a cloth cape is a really great thing. The Sword Vent is awesome too. These two releases are absolutely phenomonimal. If you are a fan of Ryuki or Dragon Knight, DO NOT pass these up. You won’t be disappointed. At least you shouldn’t be. He will maim you.

Check out a photo gallery by Hacchaka HERE.

Figma, Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Review: Figma – Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

So, once again, I started out saying I wasn’t going to get something. However, unlike most things, I actually thought these were pretty. Well, thanks to Soundout’s review, I was convinced that these were beyond pretty, and preceded to go and preorder every one on AmiAmi. Thankfully Hobby Search stocked Dragon Knight and Wing Knight, so here they are. How do they compare to Figuarts? They vent them, that’s what.

The package is pretty standard for a Figma, and features a large skyscraper in the background. On the plastic window, you see the Dragon Knight logo, and in the background, another golden one with a broken mirror surrounding it. As always, epic pictures adorn the back.

I honestly don’t know where to start with this figure. Everything about the detail presented is almost perfect. The headsculpt is top notch, but I think Figuarts still provide better headsculpts. The body however is where this figure outshines Figuarts. While they’re good at it, Figuarts were never great at hiding joints. These however are. The single joints used on the elbows and knees are phenomenal. They not only allow articulation compared to that of double joints, they hide very well into the figure. One thing that stands out is how the thigh joints are hidden. while noticeable from the back, the front covers them up with a bit of rubber suit material (that also makes up the belly area of the suit) that sits inside the upper leg mold. This creates a very flowing piece, and looks absolutely fantastic. Even with the suit, no articulation is lost, and you can get him in so many poses it’s unreal. Head articulation is a little shaky, but it’s alright, the rest of the mold really makes up for it.

He comes with a crap ton of accessories. Let me start by covering what Figmas come with. Each comes with a ziplock bag that says “Figma” on it. Yes, they come with their own baggy. Second, they each come with a Figma stand. ALL OF THEM. IT’S AWESOME. Lastly, all the hands come in this neat little plastic holder that has eight holes so the pegs of the hands can plug in and rest in there. It’s convenient and I love it. Speaking of hands he comes with: two weapon holding hands, a Dragvisor holding hand, a card holding hand, two relaxed hands, and two splayed open hands. Next up, he comes with an additional arm that has a hole in the side that the Dragvisor can be pegged into. Next, a Strike Vent arm that replaces his right arm. It features a moveable jaw! Naturally, he comes with a Sword Vent that can fit in either weapon holding hand. To complete his Vents, he comes with two Guard Vents. These can either be attached to his forearms by a clip that can be snapped onto his wrist, or onto his upper arms by replacing his shoulder pads with ones with pegs on them. The shoulder ones are kind of difficult to get in to be honest. It requires the whole arm to be taken apart and it’s not really worth it in the long run. Finally, he comes with a tiny Final Vent card. Epic!

Overall, this is an absolutely fantastic figure that I can easily recommend to anyone that’s really into Dragon Knight. If you’re only into Ryuki, I can honestly recommend these over the potential Figuarts. You get the same articulation, in a nicer presented package. The Guard Vent’s attachment steps are the only real negative for me on the figure. That, and the fact that I lost the Final Vent card…Anyway, with such few negatives, and so many positives, this is a figure that no Dragon Knight or Ryuku fan should pass up.

Check out a photo gallery by Hacchaka HERE.