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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Riotrooper

With only three more Riders to be released for 555 (two of which could end up as exclusives), are time in the line is coming to an end (at least until they do Orphenocs). Our next entry isn’t Delta, but instead Riotrooper, the generic Rider-esque foot soldiers of Smart Brain, notable only because the Snake Orphenoc was a squad leader at one point. Surprisingly enough, Riotrooper was a retail release, going for ¥3,000 on average.

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Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider 555, Reviews, S.H.Figuarts

Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Kaixa

As much as I love 555 as a series, the S.H.Figuarts releases for this show have been incredibly hit and miss for me. Not the typical “thunder thighs” or “unpainted fingernails”  complaints, but the forms of Faiz just sort of seem really cheap when you compare to them to the Gokaigers, Ryuki, or the Tiger & Bunny crew. We’re at the point in Figuarts where the Faiz mold already feels out of date compared to the sculpts they’re using now. Regardless of Faiz’s overall failures as a toy, Kaixa is easily the worst of the bunch. It’s a shame, considering how much I love Kaixa’s suit design. He’s a standard retail release and sells for ¥3,300 on average.

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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form


I honestly liked the Faiz S.H.Figuarts releases. Yes, they had a lot of useless accessories in my opinion, and had some issues with proportions, but all in all I really like them. Faiz Axel was always my favorite form, as I am a sucker for black and silver together. Unfortunately, despite my love for the form and the Rider, the figure still leaves a bit to be desired. Faiz Axel Form was a Tamashii Web Exclusive, like most middle form upgrades are, and will vary in price on the secondary market.

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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Faiz

Open you eyes, for the next…review! Corny I know, but whatever. After a long wait between his announcement and his release, Faiz was finally released. Fans were stoked as the Faiz went flying from the shelves. So much that I had to get mine at HLJ because AmiAmi’s stocked about as quick as I’ve ever seen a Figuart go. At first glance, both the box and the figure are stunning. As the first release in the 555 line, and the main Rider in general, expectations for this release are high. Do they meet them? Let’s find out.

The box alone is pretty awesome. If the W line is any indication, Bandai gets a kick out of doing multi-colored boxes for Figuarts now. Granted with things like G3 and The First Riders, we are stuck with the standard, but since Faiz is the start of a new show, it looks like we may be seeing more multi-colored boxes in the future, as Faiz sports a nice black box with crimson lettering, and a sleep yellow line running along the spine of the box. That, complimented by the black and white picture of Faiz, pretty much makes this box his color scheme, which is pretty fantastic.

Faiz himself is actually really nice looking. He’s a pretty bulky Rider, and it shows. A lot of fan complaint came from his “thunder thighs” and I’m glad to say they aren’t there. While they are a hair bigger then most Figuart’s, it’s actually one of the best proportioned set of legs we’ve gotten. I know haters gonna hate, but they should take their hate elsewhere. The headsculpt is impressive, with the circular pattern of his eyes detailed perfectly. The paint used for the red and silver looks really nice up close too. The chest and shoulders are done perfectly, and that’s all I can really say about that. Lastly, the boot area is done really well, and uses a new leg/foot molding to make the ankle joint hide really well without losing articulation. Poseability is top notch as always, and nothing really hinders this guy at all.

Faiz comes with a handful of accessories. As always, he comes with four hands: one weapon holding, two relaxed, and one gripping a Faiz Shot. For weapons he comes with the Faiz Edge, the Faiz Phone in Gun Mode, Gun Mode with the Faiz Pointer attached, the Phone in Phone Mode, and a Faiz Pointer that can be attached to his leg. Lastly he comes with two Drivers, one with the Mission Memory gone (for when he is posted with the Faiz Shot or Faiz Pointer), and one with the Phone gone, for when he is holding it. The only thing this thing doesn’t come with is an empty holster for the Faiz Shot (which isn’t too big a concern, as it’s hard to notice it there in the first place) and a briefcase, which is kind of a useless accessory in the first place. Also, the hands’ fingertips aren’t painted silver. Boo hoo. Get over it.

Overall, Faiz is a really nice release, and a really great mold with pretty minor flaws. I’m still not completely happy with it, the issues with the legs on mine are a hassle, and the little gap in his left hip is still weird to me, but that might be a singularity case. If you’re a fan of Faiz, you won’t be disappointed, and he’s definitely a great addition to the collection, even with the mold’s small problems.