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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Nasca Dopant

I remember the first day we got word that Nasca was being released, it was a happy moment. It was like your favorite movie is getting a sequel that doesn’t suck, or your favorite video game involving a plumber in space getting a much better sequel featuring a little green dinosaur. It’s like that! After months of waiting, a chunk of money to purchase it, and a large amount of time staring at the damn thing’s photos, it’s finally here. Mr. Fine Ass himself, Nasca Dopant. He is the new sex of everything. My V-Log proves it.

Let’s start with the detail. Holy fuck the detail. Articulation is basic. His shoulder pads do hinder the articulation a bit, but it doesn’t ruin the overall figure. Anyway, the details are fantastic. Every single costume line is on this figure in some way shape or form. The body itself is something rather stunning, particularly the amount of line work put into the driver and the skirt area. The orange Nazca lines all over his design are present and accounted for, and they look absolutely great. The fabric detailing (and small amount of blackwash) on the pants is great too. The most gorgeous part of the figure is his scarf deals. Not only are they sculpted good, but the gradient paint used is pretty damn nice. To sum it up, while Sieg had awesome sculpt and detail, Nasca takes the e-cake in both sculpt, detail, and paint applications. I have no complaints at all.

Accessory count is fairly sub-par, but considering how much the sculpt cost to make that is understandable. He comes with three hands: weapon hands, relaxed hands, and some sort of quasi-molester hands, which I personally wouldn’t mind at all. Lastly, he comes with the Nasca Sword, which actually looks nicer here then it ever did in the show. Funny how things work. I guess you can say the scarves are accessories too, but whatever.

Overall, Nasca is by far one of my favorite Figuarts to date. Sure he’s not a rider, sure he died, but damn it his ass is sexy. Jokes aside, the sculpting detail on this figure is fantastic, the painting techniques used are phenominal, and they just smash together to make one of my favorite figures. If you like Nasca in any way shape or form, you must get this figure. Go get it. Now. NOW.

Check out a photo gallery of Nasca Dopant here:

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