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Review: DX Gun Pad (Ultraman Ginga)

DX Gun Pad
Retail Release – July, 2013 – ¥3,300


Ultralive! Grab your Gun Pad at CSToys International!

Ichijoji has taken control of Jean-Killer using the Gun Pad, a tablet device that can control the massive robotic warrior. The Gun Pad also has the ability to transform into a gun that Jean-Killer (Jean-Nine when he becomes a good guy!) can use to battle. The DX Gun Pad was released in July when it was first seen in the show, despite not being used to its full potential until several weeks later. It retails for roughly ¥3,300. The DX Gun Pad in Pad Mode has four functions, each corresponding to one of the four icons on the screen of the tablet: “Come on! Jean-Nine!”, “Crunch! Jean-Knuckle!”, “Jean-Fight!” “Change! Jean-Star!”. With a few quick folds, the tablet converts into the Gun Mode. Here, there is a static firing sound, as well as four additional attacks: Jean-Blaster, Jean-Flasher, Jean-Stardust, and Jean-Cannon. While the look of the toy is pretty neat, the sounds leave a bit to be desired, and functionality is limited compared to something like the Ginga Spark. If you really like Jean-Nine or love the look of the toy, then it’s an alright pick up if you can get it on sale, but at the retail price, it’s just not worth it. Go for the Ginga Spark instead.

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