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Review: Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels (Series 3)

Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels (Series 3)
Available at Most Major Retailers
(Phoenix Zord bought from Big Lots for $4.00)
(Vrak bought from Walmart for $2.48)


Unlike the previous Hot Wheels releases, our third series carries only two new releases: Pink Ranger Phoenix Zord, and Vrak Alien Cyborg. These are actually relatively hard to find, as they were released while many stores were trying to clearance out the Megaforce Hot Wheels.  Thankfully they have begun getting shipped to Big Lots stores around the country. They’re pricy there ($4) but you can get them at least! The Phoenix Zord is a nice sports car rendition of the Zord that matches the Dragon Zord really well in terms of size and style. I would have liked a little bit more of a beak presence on the front bumper, but the color does its job and it pulls it off well. Vrak’s car is designed after his final form, and comes across looking like something out of Tron. While it in no way makes me think of Vrak, but I really dig the way it looks. Overall, Pink is a must have to complete the six Zords, and Vrak is a nice addition to the line up as well, but isn’t as important of a pick up as the Phoenix Zord.


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