Haul: 10-14-13

Skylanders Swap Force came out yesterday. Unfortunately due to a lack of vehicle, and by the time I got the car back we went to Art Van and impulse bought a furniture set. By then GameStop was closed already. Managed to pick it up today though, and with it I snagged every store exclusive out there at the moment. Thankfully it seems store exclusives are in higher quantities than with Giants, so it’s not a problem. Due to a tighter budget thanks to the move, I probably won’t be actively hunting any of the figures until we know for sure we’re secure. Though BOGO 40% Off is hard to ignore on those Battle Packs, Adventure Packs, and Triple Packs. Huh. I also picked up a Target Exclusive Construct-Bots release of Predaking. He’s not the greatest (really back heavy, weak legs) but I really dig him.

Monday, October 14th, 2013

IMG_1767From Target:
• Transformers Construct-Bots – Predaking

IMG_1766From GameStop:
• Wii U – Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition Starter Pack
• Skylanders Giants – Lightcore Hex (Free)
• GameStop Skylanders Adventure Club Card

From Target:
• Skylanders Swap Force – Nitro Magna Charge and Rattle Shake

From Walmart:
• Skylanders Swap Force – Enchanted Hoot Loop

From Toys R Us:
• Skylanders Swap Force – Legendary Free Ranger
• Skylanders Swap Force – Lightcore Legendary Grim Creeper
• Skylanders Swap Force – Lightcore Star Strike
• Disney Infinity – Crystal Sully



1 thought on “Haul: 10-14-13”

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