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Review: DX Budou Lock Seed Kamen Rider Ryugen Set (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Budou Lock Seed Kamen Rider Ryugen Set
Retail Release – October, 2013 – ¥1,800

GaimDXBudouLockSeedLock On! Grab your Budou Lock Seed from CSToys International!

Kamen Rider Ryugen has joined the Beat Rider scene as a hero of Team Gaim! His main form is the Budou (Grape, but I’m gonna keep using Budou) Arms, a grape themed set of armor activated by the Budou Lock Seed. This set was released in October, 2013 for ¥1,800, slightly more expensive than a normal Lock Seed. This is because this set includes a faceplate for the Sengoku Driver. The faceplate not only makes it look like Ryugen’s in the show, it activates Ryugen’s themed sounds in the Sengoku Driver. Just as Gaim is Japanese themed, and Baron European, Ryugen has a Chinese motif to his sounds that fit his design perfectly. As with all DX Lock Seeds, the Budou Lock Seed plays “Battle Start!” “You Win!” “Rank Up!” and “You Lose!” when the back button is pressed. The side button activates “Budou!” complete with LED effects. Insert the Lock Seed and cut it open to activate the “Budou Arms! Ryu! Hou! Ha ha ha!” Finally you can cut it up to three times to hear “Budou Squash!” “Budou Au Lait!” and “Budou Sparking!” sounds. The Budou Lock Seed also has compatibility with the Musou Saber, unlocking the “Budou Charge!” and “Budou Power!” sounds. If you are a fan of Ryugen and have the Sengoku Driver, this set is a must have. Even if you’re meh on Ryugen, the set does unlock a new soundset for the Sengoku Driver, and that alone is worth it.

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