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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Sylveon Collection

Pokémon TCG – Sylveon Collection
$19.99 at Most Major Retailers (Purchased from Walmart)


To further pump the new Fairy Type in the TCG, TCPi has released an all new promo box all about Eevee, known as the Sylveon Collection. The box, despite coming with a fair number of stuff, retails for only $19.99! The set includes four Black & White series booster packs, a Sylveon promo card (XY04), a Fairy Energy card (no different than those found in the Chespin Deck), one of each Eeveelution and Eevee (BW87-BW94), and a Sylveon collectible figurine. Considering four booster packs retails for roughly $16, getting nine promo cards and a figurine for $4 is fantastic! The figurine is great in terms of detail and paint, and fits well with the figurines given out in the past. Plus if you’re a fan of Eevee, getting the entire set in one go is a great bargain, and the artwork is pretty interesting too! Sylveon is a great bonus for players to check out the Fairy Type cards without buying the Chespin Deck. That being said, I REALLY hope they lighten the Fairy Type before it releases in February. The sides are way too dark and wash out the black typeface on the card. That being said, the box is a great deal for what you get, and if you manage to get an EX or two in your packs, the deal is sweetened even more. Definitely worth the pick up for collectors and Eevee fans of any type.

[youtube http://youtu.be/24M8SPW1N8M]

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