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Review: Arms Change 02 – Kamen Rider Baron Banana Arms

Arms Change 02 – Kamen Rider Baron Banana Arms
Retail Release – October, 2013 – ¥3,000

GaimACS02BBALock On! Get your Baron from CSToys International!

The Arms Change line continues with our next Rider, the leader of Team Baron, Kamen Rider Baron! With him is the main Arms for Baron, the Banana Arms. It was released in October, 2013 for the average AC price of ¥3,000. AC02 includes Baron’s core figure, basically being a red suit with chain mail and small bits of armor to create the European knight motif. His main Arms is the Banana Arms, and just like Orange, just plop it on his head until the tabs lock in place, and unfold the fruit around him to create Baron Banana Arms. Despite the large shoulder armor, it can raise up out of the way to make sure you can still get a number of fantastic poses with this guy. Also included is the Banaspear, the signature weapon of the Banana Arms, that fits comfortably in Baron’s hand. The best part of this toy (and the line in general) is the mix-and-match capabilities. This means you can put the Banana Arms on Gaim, and the Orange Arms on Baron, to create all new forms that might not make it into the show. Once more AC toys are released, there will be a huge number of combinations between Riders and Arms to create some pretty fun and interesting forms! While this line doesn’t have the star detail and articulation as an S.H.Figuarts release, if you’re looking for something fun, the Arms Change line is great. Baron is no exception to this, and is a great representation and a really fun toy.

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