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Review: Arms Change 06 – Mango Arms & Kiwi Arms Set (Kamen Rider Gaim)

Arms Change 06 – Mango Arms & Kiwi Arms Set
Retail Release – November, 2013 – ¥1,800


Lock On! Get your Mango and Kiwi Arms from CSToys International!

Our sixth venture into the Arms Change Series is the second Arms set containing Baron’s Mango Arms and Ryugen’s Kiwi Arms. The set was released in December, 2013 for ¥1,800. The Mango Arms gives the wearer a neat set of horns and a big plastic cape. Unfortunately because of the cape being plastic, poses are restricted and the figure tends to just flop backward. However, the Mango Arms does give the user the Mango Punisher, a really cool mace. The Kiwi Arms is quite a bit more traditional, simply being placed on the user and unfolded, similar to Ichigo. Kiwi Arms gives the user the Kiwi Gekirin, chakram weapons that are pretty big, and pretty cool. Both Arms are pretty neat on pretty much every figure, but with how finnicky Mango is, there’s a little lack of playability. Despite that, the two weapons are really neat, and having two more Arms to spread around your figures is incredibly cool.

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