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Review: Delta Runner Zord and Blue Ranger (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Delta Runner Zord and Blue Ranger
$14.97 from Walmart


With the power of the Power Rangers S.P.D., the Super Megaforce can summon the Delta Runner Zord, an updated design of the Red Ranger’s Delta Runner 1. The Delta Runner Zord was released alongside the Mystic Dragon and Zeo Racer for the normal price of $14.99. Included is a generic Blue Ranger figure that can’t move, as well as the Red S.P.D. Ranger Key. Unfortunately, like the first Japanese counterpart, the Ranger Key’s number isn’t outlined, which leaves it looking rather plain. The Delta Runner Zord is molded pretty nice, with a few design changes and color changes when compared to the Patstriker from Gokaiger. Changes aside, it is still fairly accurate to the show, even though I really miss the “S.P.D.” written on the spoiler. Unlike Patstriker, the Delta Runner Zord can reconfigure into some sort of mobile tank/battlestation thing. In this mode, a missile can be loaded into the base, and the Ranger Key can be inserted to fire the missile. This formation is not seen in the show, and purely a bonus for play value of the toy. The Delta Runner Zord can combine with the Legendary Megazord to create the S.P.D. Legendary Megazord. Unfortunately, thanks to how the toy is designed, it can not achieve an accurate appearance to the show like the Mystic Dragon can. It’s also worth noting that the peg holes on the Delta Runner aren’t hollowed out, so the middle portion of the car that fits into the Legendary Megazord doesn’t secure in place. Friction does hold it in their alright though. Just like the Mystic Dragon, there are multiple ways to connect the pieces to configure a Megazord. I prefer the fins on the legs facing down, and the other pieces held in the Legendary Megazord’s hands. Overall, the Delta Runner is probably the weakest of the three currently released. That being said, it still serves its purpose, and can still be a whole lot of fun, especially when combined with the other Zords released thus far.

[youtube http://youtu.be/XlWG7TD46k8]

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