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Review: Legendary Megazord Figure (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Legendary Megazord Figure
$12.99 at Toys R Us


The Retrofire line began back with Power Rangers RPM, and has been with us ever since. Despite the line no longer being called “Retrofire” the style hasn’t changed. The line are Megazord figures in a 5″ scale, and while they started with the worst poseability ever, we’ve finally reached the point where we have standard action figure poseability. He comes packed in a case with the Wild Force Megazord, a re-release of an old 2009 mold. Each figure in this line is $12.99. The Legendary Megazord features the standard levels of articulation, with swivels in the shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, and knees, along with a moveable head and feet. It’s painted decently, but anyone can notice that the legs are done in a weird color scheme, with the black sides totally overtaking the entire Zord, giving the Legendary Megazord heavily black legs as opposed to white or yellow. Despite the inaccuracy, it actually does look really nice, and compliments the design well. Obviously people who want accuracy will have to paint, and despite how cool the black looks, it is a little annoying that the colors aren’t accurate. Despite that, it’s not a bad figure for $12.99, and if you can happen to find them on sale, even better. I really like the line now that we’ve advanced to poseability that isn’t awful.

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