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Review: Mini Battle-Ready Figures Series 2 (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Mini Battle-Ready Figures Series 2
$3.99 Each from KMart


After being out for a REALLY long time, and being online only purchases for the longest time, the second series of Megaforce Mini Battle-Ready Figures have finally hit a brick and mortar store. KMart of all places, for $3.99 a piece. The second series includes Megaforce Red, Megaforce Blue, Megaforce Black, Robo Knight, Gosei Great Megazord, Gosei Grand Megazord, Translucent Megaforce Red, Translucent Megaforce Blue, Mighty Morphin Green, Mighty Morphin Blue, Mighty Morphin Yellow, and Alpha 5.  Unfortunately, the two Megazords are the only noteworthy members of this series. The Megaforce line-up are all the same figures from Series 1, but with different weapons. The Mighty Morphin line-up are all repackages from the 2010 line, complete with weird stylized proportions and lack of paint! Of course each figure comes with a card featuring some pretty nice artwork of each of the figures. That being said, I actually really like these. The Megaforce releases are all painted and sculpted well, despite being pretty much the same as the Series 1 releases. If you don’t already have the MMPR releases, it’s a nice way to get them again, plus having cool cards to boot. If you can manage to find them, they’re nice pick ups. It’s a shame we won’t get Series 3 here. Time to hit up eBay.

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