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Review: Prince Vekar & XBorg 5″ Action Hero Figures – Wave 2 (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Prince Vekar & XBorg 5″ Action Hero Figures
$8.59 at Target (Available at Most Major Retailers)


After a long while of searching and missed opportunities on Amazon, a nearby Target finally dug these out of the back for me! Wave 2 of the 5″ Action Hero Figures brings us the villains of the group, the spoiled brat Prince Vekar, and the mass produced grunts, the XBorgs! These figures range anywhere from around $8.50 to $11.99 depending on where you pick them up at. Vekar is an overall nice figure that’s unfortunately limited thanks to his coat-like design. Despite the articulation flaws, the gold and silver paint is really nice on him, and accent the rather metallic blue well. My biggest issue with him lies in the tassels on his arms, as you basically have to have him in a static pose for it to look right, since they aren’t facing downward. It’s not a huge deal, considering the expensive S.H.Figuart release of Warz Gillz couldn’t do this right either. While not the best figure, like Vrak before him, he’s a nice representation of the character. The XBorg however is an absolutely amazing figure. his articulation matches the Rangers, and give the rather bland design of the Gormin from Gokaiger, you’d expect the XBorg figure to be rather bland (like the Loogie figure from Megaforce). However, that’s not the case at all. Bandai has implemented a blackwash technique on the XBorg, bringing out the detail in the mold of the figure, and making him look like a robot for sure. I can’t imagine how bland the figure would have looked without the blackwash. It just looks really fantastic and it’s honestly my favorite of the figures released so far for that very reason. I can definitely recommend both of these to those collecting the line. Vekar is a nice representation of the character, and the Xborg’s paint detailing just make it a really solid pick up. I’ve never been so tempted to army build before.

[youtube http://youtu.be/m_sjz56XL4U]

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