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Review: ToQ Ressha EX – Ressha Gattai DX SafariGa-Oh (Ressha Sentai ToQger)

Ressha Gattai DX SafariGa-Oh
Retail Release – July, 2014 – ¥7,200


Grab SafariGa-Oh from CSToys International!

The movie mecha for Ressha Sentai ToQger has arrived in the form of SafariGa-Oh! SafariGa-Oh is a repaint/remold of ToQ-Oh. It was released in in July, 2014 along the debut of the movie for ¥7,200. SafariGa-Oh consists of a group of five Safari Ressha: Lion Ressha (Red), Eagle Ressha (Blue), Wildcat Ressha (Yellow), Alligator Ressha (Green), and Panda Ressha (Pink). Lion Ressha features an entirely new molded front, along with a new back pack piece (consisting of the leg brick, claws, mane, and an all new Fumikiriken designed after a tail. The rest of the Ressha are all repaints of the existing Ressha with new colors: Eagle is white and orange, Wildcat is pink, Alligator is green, and Panda is black. SafariGa-Oh has a unique Lion Mode that is made using the leg brick mentioned earlier, that lets the Eagle and Alligator Ressha’s two components to connect at an angle to create legs. The end result is actually really cool, and my favorite of the modes. It can’t do a whole lot, but it looks cool to me, and sets it apart from being just a ToQ-Oh remold. Transformation into SafariGa-Oh is pretty simple, and is made exactly like ToQ-Oh, with the addition of adding the leg brick onto his upper back, having his hands hold the claws, and adding the Fumikiriken to his back to emulate a tail. This formation is both a hit and a miss. From the front, it looks REALLY bland with an endless see of white. From a side angle, you start to see a lot of the colors of of the trains, and it actually looks kinda neat. It’s the little things that again make it different from just another remold. Being a remold from ToQ-Oh, you can form a Safari based design of ChoToQ-Oh and ChoChoToQDai-Oh as well. Unfortunately because of the way the Lion portion is designed, the orange “scarf” portion of BuildDai-Oh can’t sit flush in the formation, so it will  have to be sticking up a bit. Outside of that, both formations are actually pretty cool. The white adds a sense of balance and the Lion head makes for a really neat design. Overall, if you are a fan of the show, then by all means pick this guy up. Movie Mecha can sometimes be hard to get, so I suggest grabbing this guy as soon as you can. If you’re only interested in the show mecha, you’re not missing out on a whole lot, but the new features this guy brings are well worth the purchase in my opinion.



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