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Review: DX Tridoron (Kamen Rider Drive)

DX Tridoron
October, 2014 – ¥6,800


Instead of a bike, Kamen Rider Drive has a car, and a cool one at that! Our big vehicle toy of the year is Tidoron, the aforementioned car in the series. It was released in October, 2014 for ¥6,800. The car itself is pretty pretty neat looking. It’s got a pretty hefty size to it, to the point where a 5″ TK figure can sit in the cockpit comfortably. The toy can also convert from Type Speed to Type Wild to Type Technique, all in a few easy steps. Each Type has its own set of sounds when the button is pressed right behind the cockpit. Type Speed has three sounds, while Type Wild and Type Technique have one sound each. To top it off, a Shift Car can be slid into the back panel to hit a button that will activate “Tire Fueru!” in which Tridoron increases the power of a tire to help assist it in battle or danger. Of course, Tridoron has TK series compatibility, as all six wheels on the toy have Tire Koukan ports. Any of the currently available and future release tires can easily plug in and out. While it can’t launch them like the show, the feature is still neat. Included with Tridoron are the Shift Midnight Shadow Shift Car and Midnight Shadow Tire for the TK Series. Shift Midnight Shadow can be used with the Drive Driver to give Drive the ability to disappear and create clones via the Tire Koukan into Shadow. Finally the Midnight Shadow Tire can be used with any of the TK Series figures or with Tridoron’s tire ports. While the functionality certainly isn’t endless, the toy is REALLY fun. It’s hefty size will impress most kids, and the sounds are neat as well. Add the transformation abilities of the toy and you got a pretty solid release to me. When I noticed he would be driving a car, I was worried the toy would fall flat, but being big enough to house a TK figure realistically is pretty rad. While pricy (thanks electronics!) it’s certainly worth a look at if you can get it for a bit of a discount. Even at full price, it makes a great addition to the TK Series, plus adds one to both your TK Tire and Shift Car collections.

[youtube http://youtu.be/Y45ng73FUUo]

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