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V-Log: It’s Dark!

I’ll sum this up by simply saying: “that’s a lot of toys.” Because it is. I went from having very little to review, to having too much to review! As mentioned in the view, I’ll start by clearing out the few Super Megaforce videos I have, move on to the new Drive toys, then start tackling things like Tei-Oh and the S.H.Figuarts and such as steady as I can. The upcoming Unboxings will NOT take the place of my reviews like they normally did, so expect some daily uploads for a little while. Hopefully I can keep up.

I plan to do a Q&A video sometime at the end of the month, so submit your questions on the comments in the video! I also plan on resurrecting weekly ramble videos (be it on Sunday or otherwise) so submit any topic ideas for those!




From OkinawamToySeller:
• Super Sentai Artisan Rainbow Line Set
• DX Lock Seed Kamen Rider Knuckle & Kurokage Set (with Sid Lock Seed)
• ACPB03 Kamen Rider Sigurd Cherry Energy Arms & Kamen Rider Malika Peach Energy Arms
• ACPB04 Kamen Rider Knuckle Kurumi Arms
• S.H.Figuarts Cure Diamond
• S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Tamashiy Combo
• Pokémon Tretta Fanbook with Scizorite
• Pokémon Zukan XY03 Set

From AmiAmi:
• DX Hyper Ressha Tei-Oh
• SHS07 Hyper TOQ 1Gou
• RHS01 Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed
• S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms
• S.H.Figuarts Mega Blaziken
• Nendoroid Link (The Wind Waker Ver.)

From HLJ:
• DX Handle-Ken
• DX Shift Car Set 03
• TK03 Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild

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