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Review: TK03 – Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild (Kamen Rider Drive)

TK03 – Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild
November, 2014 – ¥3,200


Next up in the Tire Koukan series is TK03, Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild! It was released in November, 2014 alongside the other Type Wild toys for ¥3,200. Like TK01, this set includes a new base body and two Tire Koukan tires: Wild Tire and Rumble Dump Tire. Unlike Type Speed, who wears the tire like a sash, Type Wild has his tire located on his right shoulder, sort of like some sort of shoulder mounted cannon. The Wild Tire is the standard tire for Type Wild, and doesn’t feature anything particularly interesting to it. It’s designed after a 4×4 sort of tire, instead of a normal car tire. A little hubcap like thing is included to cover the rectangular port when the normal Wild Tire is plugged in. The Rumble Dump Tire is a yellow tire with a drill attachment acting as the hubcap. The drill can be removed and held in the hand of Drive. Alternatively, when using Type Wild, it can remain plugged in to have a shoulder mounted drill weapon. To use Rumble Dump with Type Speed, the drill has to be removed of course. Naturally, both the Wild Tire and Rumble Dump Tire can snap onto Tridoron’s tire ports just fine. Type Speed was a really great figure, and Type Wild is just as great. I really dig the suit design a ton. With Type Wild being such a departure from Type Speed, I can’t wait to see what Type Technique, and any other future Types Drive has to be revealed. It’s vastly different, and I really enjoy that. If you like the form, and can’t wait for the S.H.Figuart, it’s a great pick up. Of course, if you plan on collecting more TK series releases, this is a must have, and a great addition to the line.

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