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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Collector Chest

Pokémon TCG – Collector’s Chest
$24.99 (Price Varies by Retailer)


First off, huge thanks to The Pokémon Company International for hooking me up with this Collector’s Chest. I’m honored they deem me a worthy channel to receive the product, since Unboxings (and even Pokémon) aren’t my main focus here on the channel. It means a lot, thank you so much!

The Collector Chest is a product originally released at Walmart, but is now available at other retailers like Toys R Us and KMart. The price varies by retailer, but is generally marketed at $24.99. Inside the really awesome lunchbox style tin are three holographic variant preview cards of Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. These will be released in non-holo format when Primal Clash is released in February, so it’s a neat little sneak peek at what’s to come. Also inside are a code card to unlock more goodies on Pokémon TCG Online, one Pikachu coin, two Phantom Forces Boosters, one Furious Fists Booster, one Flashfire Booster, and one XY Booster. Also inside are four pencils, a notepad, two sheets of stickers, and a 60-card mini-binder all featuring the Hoenn Starters, Primal Kyogre, and Primal Groudon. For the retail price, it’s actually a pretty good value. With over $20 worth of packs alone, the preview cards, coin, and little bonuses more than make up the other $5. The tin alone makes the price worth it. Not only is it a pretty high quality, the artwork on it is pretty awesome as well. This very well could be my new tournament tote.

Whether this is worth the pick up ultimately depends on you. Given how these are NOT XY numbered promo cards (they’re just variants of Primal Clash cards), even promo collectors have no real reason to pick this up. However, if you’re looking for a neat way of storing your cards, or something to carry all your stuff in during a tournament, I’d give this a look at. The tin is definitely great.

[youtube http://youtu.be/EaEWoVQt1kk]


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