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Review: DX Shift Fruits & Drive Lock Seed Set (Kamen Rider Drive)

DX Shift Fruits & Drive Lock Seed Set
December, 2014 – ¥2,400


Every year we get a set or two of gimmick toys based around the Movie Taisen film, usually in December. This year we got the DX Shift Fruits & Drive Lockseed Set. It was released in December, 2014 for ¥2,400. This is a pretty neat pack featuring the gimmick of yesteryear and the gimmick of this year. The Shift Fruits Shift Car lets Drive transform into Kamen Rider Drive Type Fruits, a spiffy orange take on Type Speed with an added splash of Gaim. The Drive Lockseed allows Gaim to access the Drive Arms, fitting in perfectly with the previously released Rider Arms. The Shift Fruits is awesome, and possibly my favorite of the four Type Change Shift Cars. The orange color is cool, the design is sleek, and it’s a perfect blend of Drive and Gaim. The sounds in the Drive Driver are even very reminiscent of Gaim’s sounds, which is really neat. While it just does the “Drive System” sound in the Break Gunner, it does add a new Tire Koukan sound in the Mach Driver. The Drive Lockseed is actually pretty amazing. Similar to the Heisei and Showa Lockseeds, the Drive Lockseed has translucent eyes that let the light shine through when it plays the sounds. That effect is really neat and I appreciate it a lot. While the Type Speed tire design makes it differ from the bunches of other Rider Locks, it fits Drive’s motif well and I can get behind that. The button press sounds are fantastic, as are the sounds in the Sengoku Driver as well. While certainly not required in a Lockseed collection, it makes a great addition.

Overall, this set is pretty fantastic. I’m normally annoyed at these “previous Rider in new gimmick” and vice versa thing they tend to do sometimes, but this is a case that I actually really enjoy. The Shift Fruits is a fun looking Shift Car that plays some awesome sounds in the Driver. The same can go for the Drive Lockseed. At the end of the day the set is definitely worth a pick up. As a movie item, quantities tend to be more limited, and restocks are rare. If you’re a Shift Car fan or a Lockseed nut, make sure you pick these up before they’re gone.


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