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Review: TKSP – Kamen Rider Drive Type Fruits (Kamen Rider Drive)

TKSP – Kamen Rider Drive Type Fruits
December, 2014 – ¥3,200


Movie forms don’t always get gimmick figure releases, but somehow for Full Throttle, both Drive and Gaim’s new forms see a retail release! First up is the TKSP release of Kamen Rider Drive Type Fruits, released in December, 2014 for the usual ¥3,200. Type Fruits is a new form of Drive that combos his usual Type Speed with a neat orange and blue color scheme, embracing Gaim’s fruit motif. This gives him a new tire (complete with a new hip and shoulder pad unit) along with a spiffy orange hat. The figure is a repaint of Type Speed, done up in a nice orange and blue paint job. The new parts arrive in the form of the Fruits Tire. The top part detaches and can clip onto Drive’s head. The second part first in the Tire Koukan section of the body. It can freely spin (to create a weapon of sorts) but is designed to position the pads on the left shoulder and right hip of Drive to give him an armored look. While the top hat portion of the tire can really only be used with Type Fruits and Type Speed (due to clipping on to the head of the mold), the main portion can be used with any and all Tire Koukan figures. Both halves can even clip onto Tridoron! Included with the figure is the Musou Saber and Daidaimaru accessories all Gaim fans should be used too. They’re the ones that came with the AC01 release of Gaim Orange Arms, and as such, function exactly the same.

Overall, I love this form of Gaim. It’s goofy, yet captures the feel of Gaim perfectly and mixes it with Drive. I already loved the Type Speed body, so nothing is inherently wrong with the figure in that regard. My only complaints are I wish the hat snapped on a little bit better. I also wish the main tire had a lock of some sort. It gets hard to pose the figure properly when the shoulder and hip guards want to start spinning around. Barring that, the figure is great, and a nice addition to any Drive or Gaim collection.


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