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Review: Legendary Ranger Key Packs Wave 5 (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Legendary Ranger Key Packs Wave 5
$7.99 each at Most Major Retailers
Purchased from Toys R Us


In one final push to release more Ranger Keys, Bandai released three more Ranger Key packs in late 2014. These packs consisted of MMPR Pack C, MMPR Pack D, and Super Megaforce Pack C. MMPR Pack C contains the Pink Ranger, a translucent Blue Ranger, and a translucent Green Ranger. MMPR Pack D contains the Yellow Ranger, a translucent Red Ranger, and a translucent White Ranger. Finally Super Megaforce Pack C contains a translucent Blue Ranger, a translucent Pink Ranger, and a translucent Silver Ranger. I’m pretty happy that the Pink and Yellow Mighty Morphin Rangers finally saw a release. I think it’s silly that two packs had to be made, but I know Bandai loves MMPR merchandise, and they knew collectors would eat it up anyway. The translucent Keys ARE really pretty though. The Super Megaforce Pack C is really pointless, and something I would have passed on if it weren’t for the B2G1 coupon making it free. It’s a nice way for people to get their hands on a Silver Key without buying the Morpher, but the end result won’t match the others, so collectors and kids are left at square one.

While they’re effectively pointless, there’s something really nice about the translucent MM White and SM Silver. If you were able to snag these during the B2G1 sale, then the lot of three is really neat to own. If you haven’t picked them up yet, just grab the two MMPR packs and call it a day. While I LIKE the Keys, the method of distribution in this wave was just silly, and could have easily been condensed to one pack.

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