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Review: Shift Deco Traveler, Colorful Commercial, Amazing Circus and Road Winter (Kamen Rider Drive)

Shift Deco Traveler – Capsule Shift Car 06
Shift Colorful Commercial – SG Shift Car 3 & Capsule Shift Car 07

Shift Amazing Circus – Capsule Shift Car 08
Shift Road Winter – SG Shift Car 4


To join up with Burning Solar and Hooking Wrecker, we have four more Shift Cars joining the SG and Capsule Shift Car lines. These were released between in January, 2015 for varying prices. Shift Deco Traveler was released via Capsule Shift Car 06, Shift Colorful Commercial was released in Capsule Shift Car 07 (and previously released in December, 2014 in SG Shift Car 3), Shift Amazing Circus was released in Capsule Shift Car 08, while Shift Road Winter was released in SG Shift Car 4 (with a Capsule release likely coming soon).

All these Shift Cars are massively unique, giving us a decorative truck, a mobile billboard, a clown car, and a big snow vehicle. I have to say that’s really cool. Cool to the point where it’s a shame these guys were regulated to the “cars kids don’t want” method of release. As of this review Deco Traveler, Colorful Commercial, and Amazing Circus don’t have a Tire Koukan ability, and instead function outside of the Drive System in their own ways, much like Burning Solar. Road Winter gives Drive Type Technic a big snowflake plate on his chest that spews out snow. I still really dig it.

Overall, for completists, these are must haves considering the status of these getting a Premium DX release is questionable at best. Given their method of release, it’s hard to track down these guys. If you don’t buy them as soon as they hit Japan, it’s hard to find them later on down the line. Thankfully Every Shift Car seems to get a release in the Capsule and SG lines, so you have a chance or two to pick these guys up. Regardless, they’re not 100% necessary, but they look really cool in designs to the point that I can’t help but recommend them.


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