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Review: Shift Speed Televi Magazine Ver. (Kamen Rider Drive)

Shift Speed Televi Magazine Ver.
Televi Magazine November, 2014 Issue


Every year we always get some sort of pack in bonus in Magazines, providing the gimmick is simple enough, like Astro Switches or Wizard Rings. Rider pack ins return with Shift Cars! The first was actually released before Drive even started, in the November, 2014 issue of Televi Magazine. Magazines work a little weird, so the November issue was actually released in early September time frame, before Drive even started. Included in this issue was a Shift Speed Shift Car. In a unique turn, the structure is similar to a Candy Toy or Gashapon release (flatter plastic) but has the DX style one click joint. The entire Shift Car has no stickers, and no paint. Stickers are included inside the magazine, so make sure you don’t buy the car independently like I did! You can sticker it appropriately, or you can make it crazy and add any of the alternate stickers to put new pictures and such on the hood and sides of the car.

In the Drive Driver and Mach Driver, the sounds are identical to a normal Shift Speed until you get to the final attack. Here, both say “Teremaga!” instead of “Speed!” to commemorate the fact that it came from Televi Magazine. That’s the only new sound this one brings to the table.

Overall, this one is a definite pass, unless you absolutely NEED every Shift Car that makes a new sound. However, if you’re looking to get another Shift Speed that has the DX joint, this is a great way to do so, as this generally only retails for ¥400-¥1,000 on second hand shops, as it is not nearly in demand like Shift High Speed or Shift Mega Max Flare.

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