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Review: Complete Selection Modification Rider Card (Kamen Rider Decade)

Complete Selection Modification Rider Card
Premium Bandai Exclusive – February, 2015 & March, 2015 – ¥7,560


To coincide with the release of the CSM Decadriver, Bandai released a supplement set called the Complete Selection Modification Rider Card. This is a set of 77 Rider Cards, two binders, a complete card booklet, and of course a spiffy box. Those that pre-ordered both the CSM Decadriver and CSM Rider Card received an additional three cards: Kamen Ride Diend, Kaijin Ride Eagle Undead, and Kaijin Ride Moose Fangire. The set was released alongside the CSM Decadriver in February, 2015 with a second shipment in March, 2015. The set cost ¥7,560 before fees.

Again, the box art is absolutely beautiful, and looks great on display with the CSM Decadriver’s box. The two binders included are styled very much like the Ganbaride binders Bandai used to sell. Each binder has 16 pages, with eight cards per page front and back. Even doing only four card per page, the two binders house all 110 cards perfectly with room to spare. One binder, in which I hold the Kamen Ride cards, has the first 10 Heisei Riders on the front and back, with a pretty cool display. The second binder, which houses the remaining Attack, Final Attack, Form, and Final Form Ride cards, has Decade with the Ride Booker on one side, demonstrating the Blast and Slash Attack Rides. Both look really neat, and act as a nice way to store the cards.

The Card List is a nice little booklet that divides the cards up by respective season, with a small picture of every card. The back also features a full list of which cards were available in which set.

The cards themselves are all great, totaling 77, plus the three additional cards for a grand total of 80 cards. Each card is made of a plastic material, so there’s no fear of damaging or tearing any of the cards. The set in total covers nearly every card used by Decade throughout the show’s run with a few minor exceptions like the Rekka Daizantou card and a Televikun Card. The set includes:

Overall, this set is another must own if you decided to pick up the CSM Decadriver. With each of these cards playing a new, unique sound in the Decadriver, it’s actually fun to put all the cards in and hear the new sounds. Even if you don’t own the CSM Decadriver, the card set is a pretty neat way for fans of Decade to have a vast majority of the cards he used in the show. You’ll be missing the 30 from the Decadriver itself, but it’s a pretty good bulk of the collection that looks great on display.


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