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Review: 66Action Kamen Rider Series 1 (Figures 01-04)

66Action Kamen Rider Series 1
Retail Release – February, 2014 – ¥500 each


Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms at CSToys International!
Kamen Rider TaToBa Combo at CSToys International!
Kamen Rider Decade at CSToys International!
Kamen Rider Ichigo at CSToys International!

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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Diend (Complete Form)

S.H.Figuarts Diend Complete FormThe thought of a Complete Form for Diend was always intriguing, especially during Decade’s original run. I don’t think anyone could of guessed that almost a year later, Diend would finally see a Complete Form…in a Den-O Movie. Onore Dekeido and such. Of course, like any other Movie Exclusive form, he sees release in the form of an exclusive. Of course. G4! Ryuuga! Orga! Glaive! Kabuki! Caucasus! Arc! Skull! Final Kamen Ride! Diend!

The box is standard size, printed in the same silver most standard boxes are printed in. However, like Decade Complete Form before him, Diend Complete Form features obnoxious cyan lettering. Nothing really else awesome. A box is a box.

From the stomach down, Diend Complete Form is the exact same as Decade Complete Form, aside from the new paint and details for Diend’s K-Touch, which, like Decade, is removable from the Driver. From the chest up, he’s almost identical to normal Diend. He has the same shoulder pads, same limited arm articulation, and, for the most part, the same chest design. Of course, instead of the normal rectangular chest, he is now plastered with eight cards of the movie “villains” I listed above. Naturally, his head is slightly remolded to include his own card. Yes, it looks just as goofy as Decade. Unlike Decade however, his cards are simply stickers, so your milage may very in terms of how well they are pre-applied. Sadly, Diend loses a lot of the colors that make him Diend, losing a majority of his Cyan (except the helmet) and gold, being replaced with black and silver. I have to say I enjoy normal Diend better.

He comes packed with seven hands: two weapon holding, one card holding (despite the fact that he doesn’t come with cards), one K-Touch holding, one poking hand, and two relaxed hands. Lastly, he comes with two DienDrivers, one open, and one closed. This is the first time a closed DienDriver has been packed with a figure, so hurray! Unfortunately, it’s not that necessary for displays.

Overall, Diend Complete Form is a pretty neat figure. As much as I don’t like Diend’s design, I always loved his mold, and this is no exception. However, there really isn’t too much holding one to this figure over the easier to obtain normal Diend, unless you think wearing cards is the next fashion statement. A pretty easy pass for non-die-hard fans.

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