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Review: Kaiten Chouninpou Goton NinShuriken (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)

Kaiten Chouninpou Goton NinShuriken
March, 2015 – ¥1,800

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The Goton NinShuriken is a special NinShuriken that lets the Ninninger tap into the power of five elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Gold (Metal), and Earth. Simply rotate the dial on the NinShuriken to switch between each technique: Kaen no Jutsu (Fire Technique), Mizu no Jutsu (Water Technique), Ki no Jutsu (Wood Technique), Kin No Jutsu (Gold Technique), and Tsuchi no Jutsu (Earth Technique). Each different mode activates a new related sound. Plug into the Ninja Ichibanto and give it a spin to activate five new attack sounds depending on which element you currently have activated. As with all NinShuriken, you can pop it onto Shurikenjin. That doesn’t add much of anything to the formation, as it has no fold out head, but it is something you can do. The Goton NinShuriken was released in March, 2015 for ¥1,800.

Overall, the Goton NinShuriken is by far the best Shuriken the line has to offer. Not only do you get fifteen new sounds all together, between the activation, elemental noise, and attack noise, but you get a pretty cool design to boot. It’s fun to flip the toy between elements, and the additional functions are just really great. As an affordable, individual release, it is definitely worth the pick up.

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