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Review: Otomonin Series 01 Paonmaru (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)

Otomonin Series 01 Paonmaru
March, 2015 – ¥2,800

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No Sentai series is complete without some assistant robots to aid the main robo of the series! Ninninger brings us the Otomonin Series. The first release is of the Otomonin Paonmaru, a green elephant robot. The toy can transform between its main mode and a humanoid mode. Included with the toy is a new Otomonin Shuriken, this time with a green ring and an all new head and design. The NinShuriken has the standard activation sound for the Otomonin Shuriken, along with a new attack sound for Paonmaru, and the summoning sound for Paonmaru. Paonmaru can combine with Shurikenjin to form Shurikenjin Paon, an all new combination decoed with a giant elephant head chestpiece, an epic beard, and two throwing axes as weapons. Of course the NinShuriken plays a pretty epic tune when you place it on top of the robo. Paonmaru was released in March, 2015 for ¥2,800.

Overall, Paonmaru doesn’t do a whole lot. The elephant mode is pretty standard. It doesn’t do anything, but that doesn’t stop it from looking neat. I really dig the design of all the modes this guy is involved in. The humanoid mode is my least favorite of the designs, just because the large rocket launchers don’t really make sense for his design, and they hide his pretty neat head sculpt. Shurikenjin Paon looks really neat. I dig that beard. If you like Shurikenjin, he’s worth taking a look at. If you didn’t like Shurikenjin, this guy won’t bring anything to the table to change your mind.


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