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Review: Otomonin Series 02 UFOmaru (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)

Otomonin Series 02 UFOmaru
March, 2015 – ¥2,800

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Our second Otomonin in the Otomonin Series is none other than UFOmaru, the first Otomonin ever created (or met in this case?) in which all future Otomonin were created. At least that’s what the show says. UFOmaru is, as the name suggests, a UFO shaped Otomonin done in a light blue. Like Paonmaru before him, UFOmaru can transform from a UFO to a humanoid robot. That humanoid robot can then sit in Shurikenjin, and when combined with the Otomonin Shuriken included with the toy, forms Shurikenjin UFO. The remaining piece (the middle portion of UFO mode) can be held by the formation to wield a giant three-barreled blaster. The space design of all three modes is really cool, even if Shurikenjin UFO seems a little uninspired. The Otomonin Shuriken included with UFOmaru is an all new design, featuring a more square shape than other releases. Sounds include the normal Otomonin Shuriken activation noise, a UFOmaru attack noise, and the UFOmaru summoning noise. Of course when the Shuriken is placed on Shurikenjin to form Shurikenjin UFO, a new formation tune is played.

Overall, UFOmaru is another great addition to the line. The UFO mode doesn’t really do anything, but it looks pretty unique, and is definitely something we haven’t seen in Sentai. The robot mode is my favorite of the forms, looking like a mix between some classic robot design mixed with a space man. Shurikenjin UFO is a little uninspired. I like the overall design, but the gray color is relatively boring and it doesn’t add as much pop or flare that Paonmaru did. As with the last release, if you don’t like the Otomonin, UFOmaru won’t do much to change your mind. However, if you like what we have so far, UFOmaru is a fantastic little addition.

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